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What can I say,  I love what I do!  The art, feeling, and emotion that a photograph can evoke make the pursuit of excellence in this craft a driving force in my life.  It is my passion to serve my clients well and provide them with a legacy, memories that will go with them for the rest of their lives.  With every mom that gets that flutter in her heart when she sees her child looking so beautiful in front of her, for every senior that I see celebrating their achievements and gaining confidence as they move into adult hood, recording these moments, these little slivers of time, preserving them and passing them on.... that is my mission.  For that reason I will always continue to be a student of this craft, seeking wisdom where it might be found.  I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America. With them I hold my Master of Photography Degree, and my Certified Professional Photographer designation.


I hope I have the opportunity to serve you.




M.Photog., CPP
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